Patio Covers

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A backyard patio is a wonderful addition to your house. It is an extension that gives you the space to add spectacular features such as an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area. It can also serve as a neighborhood showcase where your friends and family gather for a day of outdoor fun and entertainment. Patios are also great places to relax after a day of dealing with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While Houston’s weather lends itself to outdoor activity, patio covers also serve a unique purpose by providing shade protection from the elements. Decks Plus are experts at creating patios that compliment houses in Houston. Along with that is our ability to construct patio covers that give you shade when you want it, shield you from the rain, and let the sun shine in as well. Patio covers also serve as a cost-saving measure allowing you to turn down the air conditioning when you are outside enjoying your patio or reduce the heat when you want to feel the natural warmth of the sun on your backyard patio.

No matter how complicated the design of your home happens to be, Decks Plus’ designers have the experience and skill required to produce a lovely patio cover that will tie in nicely with your home’s current design. Whether you choose stone, brick, or even screen porches, our designers will create a magnificent patio environment for you and your family. Our team also designs and builds quality shade arbors, pergolas, verandas for your patio or backyard. Decks Plus eloquent patio covers will enhance the beauty of your current backyard or patio.

The designers at Decks Plus have seen it all when it comes to constructing patio covers including using various materials for the patio roofs that compliment the existing home. You will have the option to choose composition shingles, tile roofs, slate roofs, or standing seam metal and copper roofs, to name a few. Our patios will become a part of your house and will have the same look and feel as the original structure. We take great care and attention to detail that will make your patio cover look like part of the original design!

Another facet to having a patio from Decks Plus is the added value to your home. If you should decide to sell your home, the patio will become a real selling point as outside living areas are a way of life for most people in the Houston area.

Decks Plus started in 1981 and has been delivering custom backyard patio designs with such concern for detail that many newspapers, magazines and television shows have recognized our work. We have earned a reputation as being the ones to call when people want covered patios in Houston or any other type of outdoor living area such as decks, driveways, pools or outdoor kitchens. In Houston, Decks Plus is the #1 choice for a quality team of outdoor design consultants and builders.

We are BBB accredited and have talented and experienced designers on staff who will work diligently with you to come up with a patio that you will enjoy for many years to come. If you are in the Houston or surrounding areas and want more or wish to make an appointment, call us at 281-463-7748.